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Personal Installment Loan

Pennington Consulting Group | Personal Financing

When you want to borrow a specific amount of money at one time, and pay it back through regular monthly payments, then an installment loan is for you. Uses include: home improvements, to purchase, refinance or take cash out on boats, RV's or motorcycles.

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Minimum Loan Amount

– Unsecured: $5,000
– Secured: $5,000

Maximum Loan Amount
– Unsecured: $25,000
– Secured: $100,000


– Unsecured: None
– Secured: Non-real estate

Terms Available

– Various Repayment Terms Available


– Fixed

Payment Frequency

– Monthly


– No prepayment penalty

Days to First Payment

– 24 to 90 days


– Available either secured by collateral or unsecured
– Regular, fixed monthly payments
– No penalty for repayment in full at any time
– Get Approved in 24 hours

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1. My bank turned me down, can I still qualify?

2. What can I use unsecured business credit lines for?

Anything! Most of our clients use their credit line to help grow their business and/or catch up on some past due bills.

3. Do I need to provide income or revenue documentation?

Yes and no. In most cases we don’t ask for income or revenue statements We have different programs that are perfect for you.

4. How does the guarantee work?

It’s simple, we guarantee results or there’s no cost to you!

5. What if I’m a Start-up?

Start-ups, new businesses, Internet businesses, real estate, high risk businesses, etc. We have the right program for you!

6. I have great credit, why shouldn’t I just go to my bank?

Most traditional banks require collateral, income verification and excellent credit to get approved. To make matters worse the funding process may take 30 to 90 days or more and you still may not get approved.

7. How long will it lake to receive my funds with this program?

If qualified, our clients will receive their guaranteed funds in as little as 7 to 14 days.

8. What If I my credit is not so good?

No problem, we have programs that can help you. Call today and let us explain how our programs can work for you.

9. How do I qualify?

We have simple 3 step process. Call today and let one of our professionals find the right program for you: 1-800-910-3570

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