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Pennington Consulting Group | Business Credit Building Line

“Business financing that protects your personal credit”

Most “business loans" found at your local bank or Small Business Administration requires your credit score and personal guarantee. The moment you sign the agreement,that is a personal loan!

Here is the problem: Even if yopu make your payments on time, your personal credit will be damaged and your score will go down under the extra added debt you have on on your credit profile and you will increase your DTI(debt to income ratio) which will cause the banks to view you as a high risk.

Now, the next time your business requires financing,you might be unable to qualify. Even worse, if things do not go as well as planned, the assets you used to qualify for your loan, including your home equity will ne at risk!

The only way to avoid this unfortunate situation is to completely separate your personal credit from your business credit.

"Separate your Business credit from your personal credit"

"We have the solution with our business Credit Building Program"

Why should you let your business loan put your personal asset and credit at risk? Pursue financing that puts the burden where it belongs, on the business itself not YOU!

Protect yourself by working with lenders who approve you based on the strengths of your company,not your business credit so you can attract lenders who will judge you based on your business credit

Pennington Consulting Group | Business Credit Building Line

Let your PCG Financial Coaches guide you through the process

With our expertise, we can determine if your company meets the minimum criteria to qualify for our non-personal credit based financing. With our years of experience in the lending market, with extensive knowledge in our recent market condition in addition to our great financing options, we can help you get the financing you need to keep you going and do it the right way while building your business credit.

Even if you are showing a negative cash flow, we can determine whether you have the required fundamentals to turn things around.

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Pennington Consulting Group | Business Credit Building Line

Our Expertise

With years of underwriting experience we know beforehand whether the lenders will approve your file and make you an offer! If your business does not meet the criteria, we will help you get your business “in order" to make sure you qualify in the next 30-60 days. We will help, as needed, to meet any additional requirements.

1. Incorporation

You must incorporate your business as an LLC,S-Corp., C-Corp. or another valid legal structure in order to receive a business loan for your business. If you are a sole proprietor-ship or start up right now, we will help you file your LLC papers at no extra charge! We will also help you get your tax ID number with the IRS(EIN Number). With your new tax ID number, we will even connect you with specific types of financing right away!

2. Business Credit Score

You business must have a Paydex score of at least 80. The Paydex is the premier business credit score used by most if not all banks and lender to evaluate risk and make lending decisons for small or big businesses. Your company will receive a Paydex only after it has been registered and a profile set up with Dun&Bradstreet(D&B), the business credit reporting firm.

We make this easy for all our clients,completing the steps necesssary to get your business registered. We will also oversee the whole Paydex building process to make sure your compamy achieves an excellent credit rating! As you can see, working with Pennington Consulting Group will ensure not only that you achieve a strong credit standing for a more stable tomorrow!

Let's get started building Business Credit today!


Get through our helpful quick step by step pre-approval process. find out how much funding we will secure for you! Join us, and we will go to work on your file right away. If you need to be incorporated or build a paydex score, we offer top-notch assistance with these steps. meanwhile we also gather all the necessary paperwork from you and package it for our lenders

Call Pennington Consulting Group Today. We can help you with:

  • Unsecured Business Lines
  • Equipemnt Financing
  • Incorporation or LLC Formation
  • Legal Insurance Personal & Business
  • Merchant Financing
  • Sales Guard Business Capital Insurance
  • Commercial Loans
  • Factoring Loans
  • Divorce Insurance(coming soon)

Get funds for:

  • Advertising
  • Construction
  • Acquisitions
  • Startups
  • Secure working capital or etc.

"No Personal guarantor or good credit needed to qualify"

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