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5 Tips to Increase Productivity

There are several factors that come into play that determine productivity. One factor is knowing what you want. Another is knowing what it will take to get you there. But even then, having those two pieces of the puzzle still doesn’t guarantee success unless you make sure you are productive with your time and energy.


Work-Life Balance (Myth-There Isn’t One)

You’ve probably heard the term “work-life balance” many times throughout your career. It’s one of those terms that makes me cringe when I hear it because it is so overused and truthfully, I don’t believe it actually exists.  Work-life balance is often used to describe how you prioritize your time. It insinuates that you have

Brian Otieno
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Business Systems…

Do you ever sit down and wonder how as a business owner you can get all the things done? Well, I will tell you right now, it isn’t always about the newest shiniest system, process or gadget. The important thing is to remember to stick to a system. You cannot run a business without having

actionable goal planning
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Setting ACTIONABLE Business Goals

After 2020, I think we can all say we want to take our business goals and own 2021! Though we don’t know much about what 2021 will bring. What we do know is that we need to own and take action in our businesses this year! For most people, they get really excited and set goals

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